Moringa oleifera


what is moringa oleifera and giving tree?


Have you ever hear about the story of “ The Giving Tree”?

It is about a little boy with a tree.  When the boy is young, he always play with the tree and the tree will always give him the apple to eat. He boy love the tree very much and the tree is very happy.When the little become a mature adult, the boy go to the tree and asked: “ I wanted to have fun and I need some money.  Can you give me some money?  The tree was answered him: “ I do not have money but i can give you all the apples and you can sell and turn it into money”.

After when the boy is in middle age, he talked to the tree,
"I am married and I have kids now, I need a house."
The tree answered him,
"I do not have a house, but you can cut off my brunches to build the house."

And after a long long time, the boy returned and talk to the tree,
"I am too old and life is not fun, I need a boat to go to see the world, can you give me a boat?"
The tree answered,
"I do not have a boat, but you can cut down my truck and build the boad."

The boy came back again, the tree said,
"I am sorry boy, I have nothing to give you anymore as my fruit, brunches and trunk are gone. I wishes I could give you
something more, but i have nothing left now. i am sorry.
but you can come over here and sit on my trunk."
So the boy was seat on the trunk and the tree is happy.

           by Shel Silverstein 

Moringa oleifera is same as a giving tree, it is the world most nutritious and useful plant on the earth.
The moringa leaf, flower, seed, kernel, shell, empty fruit pod, gum, steam, bark, root are
having it own value towards the human and environment.