Certificated by JFRL
Our Moringa is certificated to analysis by one of the most strict and world authority Laboratory JFRL (Japan Food Research Laboratories) in Japan.
You can bring this Certificate to convince consumers in the world.

Certificated by  MyGAP
We have owned the largest moringa plantation in Malaysia with GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) certification.
Currently, we are the ONLY one, MyGap Certified plantation in Malaysia under the Department of Agriculture Malaysia.
Our moringa plantation is going to get Organic plantation certification soon.

Our in-house brand moringa tea

We produce fine and premium quality moringa tea leafs for your healthy lifestyle.

 Borneo Moringa Premium Pack


for further information, visit us at  www.borneomoringatea.com

What is the different between  Moringa Red Tea and Moringa Green Tea?
Both tea are blended by 100% of fresh picked moringa tea leafs and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia. 

Moringa Red Tea is a Ripen Tea which had gone through fermentation progress with stronger moringa's aroma and taste.
Amazingly, the longer you keep keep the tea, the better it taste.

Meanwhile Moringa Green Tea was not go through the fermentation progress which the aroma is more greener and taste is lighter.
Both of the tea serve the similar nutrition facts which are rich amino acids and multi nutrients.  

Comparison of Moringa Red Tea and  Moringa Green Tea  that full of anti oxidants properties. amino acids, minerals, vitamins and others.


Do you want your own product?

We can provide contract manufacturing service for your private brand of Moringa tea too!

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