Photos - The Moringa Plantation and Family

Photos - The Moringa Plantation and Family

   farm 2  farm 3
                 Moringa forest farm with full of green & energy                                       I am trying hard to growing fast.                                                   Moringa that going to flowering

    mr moringa         mr moringa            the one who work hard every day
 Mr. Moringa who workhard behind the screen.                  We are 1 Malaysia, 1 Moringa Farm in Malaysia too                                       Mr & Ms. Moringa whom work behind the screen
                                                                       Mr. Moringa who sweat everyday and working hard to make good moringa             Once a while, they work until mid night that gains our respect.

moringa farm 5       moringa farm 6       moringa flowers
 I am trying to bear as much as fruit I can by this year!                      Do you know, nursing mothers love me?                              I am not just a flower! I am full with energy that
                                                                                                                                                                                                          help maintaining your health.

       moringa flower 2          fruit              healthy leafs
                              Moringa flowers                                                      Bearing fruits                                                               Harvested leafs with dark green color.

 moringa farm 7 moringa farm 7  
         We are strategically located near the Equator, with sufficient of sun light, rainfalls, good soil condition and organic farming practices, it facilitates us to produces quality moringa!

     moringa kid     moringa kid 2  
                       Guess what is this? 

When Mr. and Ms. Moringa go home after the tiring day with thirst and sweat, the smile and laughter of their kids is the reason for them to working hard for tomorrow!  
Hoping Moringa can delivery their benefits not only for the health but as well as to the rural society for better life in coming future....  we gonna work hard together John!