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The largest Moringa Oleifera producer in Malaysia.

Borneo Moringa Sdn Bhd. is a government linked investment company (GLIC) with the purpose to cultivate and process Moringa Oleifera products to serve the national and export markets.


                                                                                What is Moringa oleifera and the giving tree?     




Borneo Moringa Sdn Bhd., the largest of Moringa producer in Malaysia


Korporasi Pembangunan Desa (KPD), Sabah and The Mitomasa Sdn.Bhd is now announce to set up a joint venture company,  the “Borneo Moringa Sdn.Bhd.”  to cultivate Moringa Oleifera in a large scale basis start with 200 hectares " 500 acres "  in Nabawan town and to expand up to 600 hectares "1500 acres" in next 3 years, which included of contract farming to process value added moringa's product by a proven technology to serve the local and export markets.


Our objective is to become the largest Moringa producer in Malaysia and promote economy grows into Sabah State. 


There are 4 major items to be produces, which are the proceed Moringa leaf, Moringa oil, Moringa Bio-Flocculant and Moringa feedstock and the major target market will be some developed and developing countries such as Japan, USA, Europe,  Australia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam and etc.  


Mitomasa will carry on an up-going Research and development activities in the Moringa R&D center in Kuala Lumpur.


To ensure the product can gain the world competitive advantage, Borneo Moringa Sdn.Bhd.  will control the product quality start from the selection and chosen of raw material from own cultivation farm and processing method  by following the national and international  required standard such as the Good Agriculture Practice (MyGAP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP),  Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM). 


Moringa Tree is a Giving Tree, to give the fruit, Moringa tree give healthy eating lifestyle to the people.  To give the brunch, Moringa’s stem is for animal feed and cattle farm.  To give the trunk, Moringa’s trunk is to building a Moringa Village school, bycalling of local and international student and visitor to come to Nabawan.  To give the stump, the Moringa trees give peaceful and development to Sabah.


We believe, the Moringa tree is our “Giving Tree” to promote development in the rural area and hopefully the Moringa tree can able to bring better income to the poor by creating more business and employment opportunities for the people in Sabah.




For further inquiries please contact us at:   info@borneomoringa.com



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